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What Exactly Is Social Phobia?


Nervousness is normal in a lot of situations. For example, you may feel anxious when giving out a speech, or maybe, it’s your first time being interviewed for a job. But for people who have social phobia or social anxiety disorder, everyday events and interactions can cause significant anxiety, embarrassment, or even fear. They constantly fear being scrutinized or judged in a social setting.

Fortunately, there are several ways we can overcome social anxiety disorder. Getting help from mental health services, for example, can make a difference.

As a provider of behavioral and mental health care in Hamilton, New Jersey, we’ll walk you through its causes and symptoms below.

Social interactions may cause the following symptoms:

  • nausea
  • difficulty speaking
  • rapid heart rate
  • intense worrying
  • trembling or shaking
  • sweating
  • upset stomach

What are the causes?
The exact cause of this condition is unknown. However, recent findings state that environmental and genetic factors have an influence on this condition. Traumatic experiences may also contribute, including:

  • abuse
  • bullying
  • family conflict

If left untreated, social anxiety disorder can interfere with your daily activities and quality of life. Please do not hesitate to avail of behavioral and mental health services as early as possible.

Let us help
LACKA Behavioral Health provides services for mental health in New Jersey. We are committed to helping you address your needs.

We also provide telepsychiatry for your convenience. Contact us today.

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