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The Different Ways that Anger Issues Are Manifested

The Different Ways that Anger Issues Are Manifested

Anger is a natural emotion and only becomes an issue when we have trouble controlling it; making us verbally and physically violent and essentially causing harm to other people.

That said, not all individuals with anger issues express themselves the same way. That is why we must have an understanding of the different ways that they manifest anger. Doing so allows us to assess other people and even ourselves and see whether we are already dealing with our anger unhealthily and need help.

As one of the leading providers of behavioral and mental health care in Hamilton, New Jersey at LACKA Behavioral Health, allow us to provide a brief explainer of what each expression looks like:

  • Outward
    This is the most obvious expression of anger since it entails shouting, cursing, throwing or breaking things, and/or being verbally or physically abusive toward others
  • Inward
    The inward expression of anger is the opposite of outwardly showing the emotion as it involves pointing the anger at yourself. This usually manifests by self-harm, self-isolation, and negative self-talk, and even denying oneself of basic needs, among others.
  • Passive
    The passive expression of anger utilizes more subtle and indirect ways. It usually involves making yourself unavailable by sulking and making sarcastic and snide remarks and giving the subject of your anger the cold shoulder or silent treatment.

These are negative ways to express anger. If you start to recognize these patterns of behavior in yourself or someone you know, don’t think twice about getting behavioral and mental health services to stop them from getting worse.

We offer these services ourselves as part of our mental health in New Jersey. We also offer telepsychiatry for your convenience should you prefer to receive help in the familiarity of your home. Get in touch with us today.

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