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Identifying the Lesser-Known Symptoms of Depression


Depression is a common mood disorder that is characterized by persistent feelings of sadness and loss of interest that interfere with daily activities. The symptoms of depression can show up in uncommon ways and affect people differently. Hence, a combination of medication and psychotherapy is essential to address its symptoms. Likewise, we will discuss the lesser-known symptoms of depression you might not be aware of:

  • Overcompensation

    Some people with depression prefer to deter people from knowing they are depressed. They may feel ashamed or guilty and overcompensate by appearing happy to mask their symptoms. Mental health care in New Jersey plays a pivotal role in helping them face their symptoms and overcome depression.

  • Brain Fog

    Depression may reduce cognitive functions and affect our decision-making, long-term memory, and ability to focus. This presents in what we refer to as “brain fog” and may cause a person with depression to have slower reaction times and have feelings of being mentally blocked. A psychiatric rehabilitation program will get to the root of depression and assess the person’s mental health status.

  • Codependency

    Depression can be isolating, so to combat the overwhelming feeling of loneliness, many individuals with depression seek relief through attachment to others. Comprehensive psychiatric evaluations will help determine the cause of codependence and address the symptoms of depression.

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