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What Are the Various Types of Dissociative Disorders?


Dissociative disorders are characterized by problems with identity, memory, behavior, perception, and sense of self. A person with this disorder may experience symptoms that disrupt several areas of mental functioning. Hence, a combination of medication and psychotherapy is needed to treat dissociative disorders.

With this disorder, there is a disconnection between a person’s memories, feelings, actions, thoughts, and sense of who they are. As a leading provider of mental health care in New Jersey, we will discuss the different types of dissociative disorders:

  • Dissociative amnesia

    With dissociative amnesia, the main symptom is memory loss, which is more severe than your normal forgetfulness. Memory loss can’t be explained by medical conditions and is usually related to a stressful or traumatic event. Having dissociative amnesia requires a comprehensive psychiatric rehabilitation program to manage its symptoms.

  • Dissociative identity disorder

    This type of dissociative disorder is associated with overwhelming experiences or traumatic events that occurred during childhood. The symptoms include the existence of two or more distinct identities accompanied by changes in memory and behavior. Psychotherapy and medication management are crucial to address ongoing gaps in memory about personal events, past traumatic events, and personal information.

  • Depersonalization or derealization disorder

    This form of dissociative disorder involves ongoing and recurring bouts of depersonalization and derealization. The former involves experiences of detachment from one’s self, body, or mind. The latter involves experiences of detachment from one’s surroundings. This causes the affected person to appear unreactive or lacking emotion.

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