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Combined Treatments: The Better Recovery Option

combined-treatments-the-better-recovery-optionIn order to further your healing with the help of mental health services, it is crucial to keep up with your prescription and scheduled therapies. Combining medication management with psychotherapy allows you to experience improved outcomes and, therefore, reduce the overall cost of the care you’re receiving.

Our behavioral and mental health services will help you get diagnosed and receive proper treatment. Let our counselors and consultants help you overcome this struggle through professional and dedicated assistance.

So, what are the further benefits of combined medication management and psychotherapy as part of your behavioral and mental health care in Hamilton, New Jersey?

The cost-benefit analysis takes into account not just the additional expenses of delivering another therapy but also the effectiveness of those therapies in lowering healthcare utilization and future treatment. In other words, individuals who recover entirely are less likely to utilize mental health resources in the future than those who do not improve significantly or achieve only partial remission.

An article from the Psychiatric Times also shared that “patients with more severe depression, endogenous depression, chronic depression, and dysfunctional cognitions all show more robust and clinically significant responses to combined treatment.” Combined treatment refers to prescription and psychotherapy.

The combined treatment produces not only faster and greater short-term benefits but greater long-term benefits as well. Patients receiving combined treatment with CBT have a lower relapse rate than do patients receiving medications alone.

Our professionals at LACKA Behavioral Health will evaluate you to determine maladaptive behaviors and mental health issues. After getting your diagnosis, we will create a treatment and intervention plan to help your mental health in New Jersey.

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